What I'm embracing in 2017 & what I'm improving :

- The fact that I no longer have to wear a bra. Thanks to the after-nursing-babies-for-years-shrinkage #socute

- Dirty hair makes better curls.

- Life as a stay at home mom. No longer will you hear me complain about being exhausted. I think EVERYONE is exhausted no matter what the f*ck you're doing :)

- My stick legs. I'm embracing those bitches. They've never gained much no matter how hard I work out. I LOVE MY STICK LEGS THAT GOD GAVE ME... one of my freshly added mantras.

- Really just embracing my entire stick person body. I've accepted the fact that I'll never look like those fabricated models with the perfect curves and whatnot.

- My autoimmune disease. I've got Crohn's and i'm tired of feeling sorry for myself. I feel like shit a lot. Whatever. I'm blessed to have the opportunity to improve myself. Here goes nothin'!

- Putting down my phone and being more present. For a while, I told myself I was "finding inspiration", but that's not going to cut it anymore.

- ORGANIZATION. Holy shat, I am SO unorganized and something really needs to change so I can quit screwing up important stuff.

- Decluttering. Like major overhaul. Society time and time again try's to convince us that we "need". I do NOT need that Home Goods shopping spree of shit that I end up putting away and changing my mind months down the road.

I'm sure I'll be adding to the list as the days go on. I'll keep you guys posted! 

Anthropologie fringe cardigan  [My newest obsession. The BEST!!] \\ Vince striped tee \\ Lovers + Friends denim shorts , simliar style here for $60  \\ Janessa Leone hat \\ Saint Laurent sunglasses \\ Joie sandals \\ Kayu tote 

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