Friday Favorites 11.11.16

Friday Favorites 11.11.16


Another week has come and almost gone. I can't even believe how quickly the holidays are approaching! Anyone else stoked for Thanksgiving food? I can hardly wait to pig out and get dressed up. Isn't it kind of funny how we all dress up just to go to our family gathering and eat? ha ha. I love it! 

I have wanted to start a post on fridays sharing my favorites from the week, but #lazy. Nonetheless here I am, trying to get my shit together : ) 

I've shared so much of what I love on snapchat, I think it's super quick, convenient and not so much filtered and posed. However, I know there are many that do not use snapchat, or maybe want more of a run-down on why I like what I like and easy links to shop. So, here we go. 

I'll start with hair products - Recently picked up Oribe's dry texturing spray and Apres beach spray. I love both. Gives me the texture I really like when I curl my hair. The Apres beach is cool, it binds my ends for a fuller, shinier look. I also picked up brand spankin' new bottles of my favorite Redken shampoo, conditioner, primer and sealer! I tried Wen not long ago and lost a ridiculous amount of hair in just a short time trying it. I was so bummed after I finally put two and two together and made the connection.. so I RAN to Ulta and picked up new bottles of my favorites! I like to switch up products occasionally, after finishing what I have. I think my hair responds better that way, and I might try the Oribe` Gold Lust shampoo and conditioner next! 

Not sure why I neglected hair masks for so long, but I just tried this one from dpHUE, and my hair felt SO good after. dpHUE also has an apple cider vinegar leave in conditioner, which I had no idea would make my hair as soft and shiny as it did. I remember my mom always drinking ACV and thinking to myself "yuck, that shit smells gross!" ha ha! BUT- This did not! Quite impressed so far. 

Another new product i've tried and liked is from Aveda, split end repair. You apply this to the ends of your hair when it's dry, styled already or not. It isntatly takes away my split ends and almost gives me the look of a fresh hair cut. Really like it so far! I'm also going to link the other products from Aveda that I am currently trying out and like so far - I'm sure not everyone will be into this, but I tried it for the first time last night before I did a little work and errands.. I totally felt at peace and balanced and really knew exactly what I needed to do, all with a clear mind. It felt so interesting and great, all at the same time. I've struggled a lot lately with feeling "balanced" so I'm definitely excited to keep using these and I'll update you all later! Shop the Feeling Balanced gift set here.

This is the new It Cosmetics pallete, and my favorite blush is in here! 

THE BEST lip balm & lip glaze! So moisturizing and the perfect colors. 

Typically, I use Tan Towels for self tanning, and I'll be honest I've neglected the hell out of tanning lately. I think when I have at least a little bit of a tan, I feel a bit more confident.. I tried the ST. Tropez bronzing mousse and actually liked it a lot! I was SUPER nervous that I would screw up, but it really easy and gave a more natural color tan than what I am used to with Tan Towels.

PS by the way: I just got this Eberjey pajama set, and it's the best thing i've ever purchased and put on my body. ha ha. Seriously though, so so so soft it almost feels like butter. 

Let's talk a bit about beauty real quick. I've continued to use my Colleen Rothschild Mandelic Acid serum, as you can clearly tell.. the bottle is dwindling :( I love it, and use it every single night. My skin has never glowed like it does with this serum. It's not something "new" this week, but I figured I would add it in and update you all. My Indie Lee Squalane facial oil is also on repeat right now. I'm using it at night instead of moisturizer. 

More new products- It Cosmetics sent a box full of their new products this month.. you guys, its all so good! I've been loyal to the brand for a while now. The quality is just there for me, and what I have come to love is that the products actually work. I've always used the original CC, but the CC+ illumination is SO pretty. To cleanse and take your makeup off at night, I highly recommend this BYE BYE Makeup cleansing balm, similar to my favorite Colleen Rothschild cleansing balm.. but I think this one is more formulated to remove makeup. [I always cleanse two or three times if I am wearing makeup that day! So, this is a great option for your first cleanse!]

My favorite earrings right now are these light pink baubles. I can't stop wearing them, and for sure need them in every color. 

Monogrammed necklaces with Kai and Madelyn's names from Arm Candy Fashion on Etsy, are my most cherished. Check out the full shop here

Next on my list this week is my Barrington Gifts tote. Barrington gifted me this, and I've honestly used it more than I thought I would. It fits everything I need to take with me on a day-to-day basis and doesn't look bulky or too full. The material is also really nice and doesn't scuff, and I don't have to worry about it looking dirty. There are tons of style options for this tote, so you aren't limited at all. Definitely a keeper! 

Last but certainly not least, my favorite sweaters. These are all great basics that can be worn alone or easily layered. Also, J.Crew is having 25% off , and ending soon! So, definitely something to think about if you're in the market for new pieces this season.

I took my sweet girl to ride the Christmas train at the mall yesterday and get some ice cream. We had so much fun, and look at that smile!

[Maddy's dress is Gap, perfect for the holidays!] 

That's all my sweet friends, I hope you all have a great weekend! 


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