Coffee Table Styling

Coffee Table Styling

I recently replaced our old wood coffee table, and I'm so happy that I did! As soon as I set up the new one, I immediatley knew that I made the right decision. Instant refresher, and gave me so much inspiration. Then, all I needed was to style it. My first plan of action was to head straight for Amazon prime and pick out some great coffee table books. After suggestions from some amazing readers, and reading this list from Lauren Conrad, I quickly picked out a fun collection. 

Shop the books:
Poolside with Slim Aarons - (Obsessed with his photography. First as a war photographer, then he retired from the army and wanted to "photograph attractive people, doing attractive things in attractive places")
Absolutely Beautiful Things (A must have!) 
The Year of Cozy - (This is on the second shelf, underneath. Excited to read it!)

I can't remember if I updated you all on my home decor decision or not.. Anyways, I decided to stick with my eclectic roots instead of trying the farmhouse/shabby chic look. It just never worked for me, and never felt right. Your home should be a reflection of yourself and what makes you happy!

My love for eclectic home decor came from my mom and her best friend. They are the best at mixing and matching. From mismatched furniture and art to pops of leopard and natural textures like sisal and jute.. I love all of it. I've even started to collect blue and white jars, and love the way it looks with everything I have right now. I'll share a larger scale photo of our formal living room soon. Just waiting on a few more pieces to arrive and then I'll snap new photos! 

The best part about decorating eclectic, is being able to buy what you truly love. That is key. Instead of making quick and rash purchases to "fill our space up", i'm going to focus on slowly collecting quality pieces over time that I adore. 

For instance, I'm saving up for a piece from The CEH for our dining room, and bedrooms, and happily living with the empty spaces for now ;)

Additional Decor Sources:

Coffee Table, Lulu & Georgia \\ Lattice Flokati Rug, Anthropologie \\ Dough bowl, Home Goods  (similar here) \\ Blue and White jars, Home Goods (similar here) \\ Candle, Anthropologie (Smells SO good!!) \\ Trinket box, Home Goods 

Shop decor and similar pieces below:

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