Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch

I love his stink face so much!! He looks like he just got off a tough shift ha ha ha! Kai is almost the size of Madelyn, except he weighs more and she's got a few inches on him! 

Kai's first Halloween is quickly approaching and this is miss veteran Maddy's second year with the Halloween festivities! Also Jammer's (thats what I still call my grandmother to this day!) favorite holiday, oddly enough ha ha. She goes all out with decorations from life size witches stirring a cauldron, to heads hanging in the tree. Oh, I almost forgot the zombie girl on a swing in the dining room that swings and does some questionable things when you walk past. 

Over the weekend, we decided to all head out to the pumpkin patch, complete with a hayride and bag of mini pumpkins.. because Lord knows we have a porch full of them at home! :) 

Ruffled popover shirt \\ Velvet denim \\ Leopard loafers (TTS & the most comfortable!) \\ Black hat \\ Backpack Diaper bag \\ Maddy's dress & shoes, Bow is Hucklebones, Sunglasses are local boutique - Elegant Child \\ Kai's button-down & denim joggers \\ 

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