Bag Lady

Bag Lady

Growing up, my family called me the "Bag Lady". No matter where I went, short or long trip, I always had a bag packed with everything I could possibly need. Mind you, this was my normal even if we were going to dinner at a relatives home. I was always prepared. Then, when I moved to college, I always had bags packed in my car when we would go to the football games or even class. It may have seemed odd, but I was always the one who was ready for anything! To this day, I'm the same way. Especially now that I have kids. I never leave the house without my diaper bag, purse and tote bag full of snacks and toys. 

I've come to really appreciate good quality bags whether its for travel or just day to day. I've never owned any sort of monogrammed bag before, so when Barrington Gifts reached out, I was elated. (You obviously do not have to have any of them monogrammed) 

We are planning a few winter trips and I'm excited to use my cabin bag, St Anne tote and laptop case when we head out! 

In partnership with Barrington Gifts

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