Embroidered Denim

Embroidered Denim

Hi friends. It's Wednesday morning and I'm just checking in on ya. Madelyn's first day of pre-school is today, and I already can't wait to go pick her up. I'm dying to know how much she loved it. This morning when we were waking her up, she still had her eyes closed, half asleep and nodded her head yes real big every time I asked if she was ready to go to school.. makes me so happy. 

Anyways, Kai has this new thing where he slides toys across the floor as if he is using a walker... only he "walks" on his knees. It's kind of hilarious to watch. Last night was also his first night in forever for him to sleep all night long in his crib. I think we are going to have a good day! (Besides the fact that my mom is leaving this afternoon. I'm dreading when Maddy gets home and realizes. Followed by "Where Gadi go?")

This is a look from a couple weekends back. I'm obsessed with embroidered denim right now. Do you guys have any favorite trends for Fall?


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