Tiered Silk Dress

Tiered Silk Dress

I want to wear this dress with booties, loafers, sandals, mules, strappy heels and pumps. The possibilities are literally endless. It's an investment, thats for sure, but I've never seen a dress like this before. Unique in every way.

Can you tell I finally had my hair colored? I always wait and wait until I look like a hobo, and then ask myself why I waited so long in the first place? Maybe I'm just lazy when it comes to my hair. Maybe it's the whole process of mindless salon chit chat, and having to sit still for almost three hours. I have fairly limited levels of social energy. Any fellow introverts reading?

Anyways, I've recently hopped on the Gucci loafer bandwagon. Sorry for being so basic. I couldn't decide if I would actually wear them or not, and after testing the waters with this dress, I'm hooked on them. So comfortable and fun to wear with a more laid back outfit or a dress.

I wish I could stay longer, but Kai is trying to eat my yogurt covered pretzels, and I'm not good at sharing.


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