Anti Aging

Anti Aging

I was SO nervous about taking a photo without makeup, especially with a DSLR camera. My friends, the proof is in the pudding, I did not retouch or even have to retouch this photo. Read below on the products that have helped me get to this point! 

One of the top and most frequently asked questions I get is about my skincare routine and what I'm currently using. It's no secret that I love to experiment and try new products, but there will also be those certain products that stick with you. Or maybe something you end up going back to time and time again. That's the case with Colleen Rothschild Radiant Cleansing Balm. I think if you try it once, you're hooked. The smell is so yummy and relaxing, and the way it just melts the makeup off your face is what I look for in a quality product. I always use this in the morning, especially if I won't be wearing makeup that day because of the added radiance it gives my skin. 

 Next up are two products that are new to me. 

I've recently started researching how to start the fight against aging. After reading and asking everyone I know, I decided to add the Retinol Treatment Complex into my routine a couple days a week. I have sensitive skin so I started with two days a week, and gradually went up to three.

 Last but certainly not least, a new product to the Colleen Rothschild line. I'll use Mandelic Acid Radiance Serum for one of the off days. It's gentle enough for everyday use, but I wanted to start slow with both of these products and figure out the best routine for my skin.
This serum helps with not only aging, but also helps reduce fine lines, acne, dark spots, and overall skin texture. After one week, my skin was glowing from within. Better than it ever has before. Everyone noticed too! Whats even better is that I've started applying less foundation when I get ready. It's just not needed anymore. 

Remember you need to exfoliate when using products that promote cell turnover like the Retinol Treatment Complex and Mandelic Acid Radiance Serum. I like using my Dual Enzyme Polish a couple times a week. I've had the enzyme polish and Clarifying Detox mask for a year now and will always love those! 

I partnered with Colleen Rothschild on this post to share my honest review. 

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