Zimmermann Dress

Zimmermann Dress

As of late, I've really made an extra effort to get dressed and out of the house. Some days, it's a tank and shorts. Others, it's a dress -and in this case low, sling backs. Which is why I bought these Chanel sling backs. Not only because I have lusted over them, but because they are totally mommy approved.  (PS: extremely similar style for way less here!) I always get so pissed off at myself when I buy heels. I never end up wearing them! 

Totally saw a mom at Nordstrom the other day, wearing stilettos and pushing her toddler in a stroller. I didn't judge, don't worry. I just quietly thanked my lucky stars I have never made that decision after I saw what she looked like trying to pick the child up while he was throwing a tantrum. Yikes. I'll stick with short heels, like these or flats/sneakers!

My dress is not only black, but the free flowing shape and open embroidery makes it perfect to wear around the kids. I feel put together, but you can't see the mac and cheese on me, can you? What about the post-baby pouch? Can you see that? If it weren't for the price, I'd buy 10 of them! Shopbop recently had a sale on sale, so I VERY QUICKLY grabbed the last one available, and it just so happened to be in my size. Shocking or fate? You tell me. Since my purchase, it looks like there are two sizes back in stock, still on sale + 30% off!!! GO! GO! GO!

I'm a huge Zimmermann fan, but I've admired the beautiful pieces from afar and always told myself that my dream would come true one day. This is an example of me being patient. You guys, this doesn't happen often. I'm typically impulsive. Which is why I need Chris! He is the logical one that evens us out. I couldn't imagine being with someone equally impulsive and indecisive. (shit-show)

So, I'm totally rambling today. I've felt awful for the past week. Kai hasn't slept through the night in a while and I'm all together just feeling drained. Hoping for a spark in creativity and life.. soon. ha ha! 

Anyways, I love you guys!


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