Off Shoulder Blouse + Ripped Denim

Off Shoulder Blouse + Ripped Denim

A crisp white, off shoulder top paired with distressed denim will always be a "go-to" outfit for me. Whether you tuck your top in and pair it with platform espadrille sandals, or leave it un-tucked with a pair of sleek high heeled sandals and a long necklace, it's always going to be a great "base" outfit. Something you can change up multiple times depending upon your accessories/mood. 

I think sometimes we get this idea in our heads that we have to wear clothing a certain way, and always make sure we are wearing something "flattering". I'm starting to get over that. Heck, If you want to wear a bath robe with pom pom high heels, and it rocks your world, do it. I'm dressing to make myself happy. Where did this come from, and where am I going with this you may ask? It all started when I was outfit planning for the blog and Chris had mentioned he didn't like my shoes. (I LOVE THEM!) Sounds silly right? but for a minute I was actually going to change and totally re-style my whole look life. I started to question everything.

That's when I implemented my new strategy. WEAR ALL THE THINGS. kidding. I just wanted to remind you all that you should always do what makes you happy!

Anyways, we can talk more on this later. I have to get ready for my birthday lunch with all the girls (+ Kai!) and he is currently rolling all over the living room, and trying to crawl.. don't even get me started on that!!

I hope you all have a great day!!

 PS by the way: This top is a great option if you are looking for one similar to the popular Tibi blouse, although it's gorgeous - not everyone can justify the price. I love that this Free People version is affordable, easy to style, and just as gorgeous!

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