Ever wanted what you couldn't have? Yeah, me too. I feel like this is a typical case that we as women face quite a bit when it comes to our hair. Growing up with naturally straight and fine hair was always so disappointing and a little depressing at times. I could never achieve those "sought after" looks you see on TV. You know the women on the commercials with those lusciously, thick locks with the perfect curl? That always got me down when I couldn't look that way, too!

I was constantly trying to "fix" myself. You see, we are fed an idea of what beautiful hair is "supposed to look like" - causing a lot of pressure, and like I mentioned, disappointment. The media has a way of doing that to us.

Dove Hair is committed to creating a world where beauty is a source of confidence, and not anxiety for us women. There's power and confidence that comes from loving your own, unique beautiful hair!

Over the years (and with the help of Dove Hair!), I've learned to love my hair. Without that negative weight in my head, I realized I can have fun with my hair. I love a good messy bun, or even a braid (which I never thought I could do!) It just took a little practice! I'll even rock a sleek, straight style and show off my naturally straight strands.

I want you to share how you #LoveYourHair by posting a photo of your beautiful locks on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook - I can't wait to see!

I'd also love for you to join in on the fun with Dove Hair on Pinterest. I always love a good hair inspo board :)

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Thank you Dove, for partnering on this post.

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