The First Years

The First Years

I recently had the opportunity to create a photo album with My Publisher, and the outcome was amazing! Since Madelyn was born I have told myself over and over that I wanted to start photo albums, but always put it off. Just the thought of that process alone intimidated me. With My Publisher, you can download their easy program right to your computer, and put all of your photos together without having to physically bring or upload photos to someone else! I was able to seamlessly drag and drop the photos I wanted to use directly from my computer, and place them into the pages. You can choose whichever layout works best for each memory. You could also use their design service if you would rather have a professional put everything together! 

The pages are nice and thick, making them durable for years to come, and they won't bend when little hands want to help turn the pages! :) 

 My absolute favorite childhood memory is watching all of our home videos and flipping through all of our photo albums. 

I can't wait to create one for our wedding one day! 

In partnership with My Publisher

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