Floral Midi + Memorial Day Weekend Sales

Floral Midi + Memorial Day Weekend Sales

Today, I wanted to share a few things I am loving/interested in or what's going on in my life + some great weekend sales! I saw this hat online and knew it was the hat of my dreams. You know when you imagine something and then all of a sudden find it? It was love at first sight for this crazy hat lady. Preston and Olivia is handmade in NYC so it took quite a while to finally arrive (A little over a month after ordering), but well worth the wait!

ps: It was so bright when we shot these, so the only decent shots we got were without my eyes.. ha ha! 

1. I'm such a sucker for makeup, and my favorite is foundation. I recently picked up the Chanel healthy glow, and I'm obsessed. It's the perfect foundation to use this summer because it's lightweight and really does give the look that you glow from within. My initial reaction? I didn't think it gave enough coverage, but with a few more tries I found that it has build able coverage without feeling like a cake face! ha ha.

2. I finally got a pair of Chanel espadrilles. Y'all, this was a long time coming. I almost always purchase my designer items for less, my favorite site being Fashionphile. I have searched high and low for this exact pair in my size and could never find them. Something told me to try Saks Fifth Avenue the other day. At first, I was a little lazy and said to myself I wasn't going to walk all the way over to the other side of the mall, but I decided to listen to my intuition. I walked in and saw them right away. Sitting there. Waiting for me! ha. I am crazy, I know.

3. I've always tried so hard to create a workout routine and make it a habit to do it everyday. Wether it's a full on workout or just a little exercise, I want to make it part of my lifestyle. Having Crohn's makes it so hard to have energy sometimes. I know it's great for my health and actually helps out with my Crohn's, but I always put it off and put it off. This past week I decided to make it a top priority and I am already feeling better and I can tell my energy is coming back up little by little. I'm following the A Bikini A Day routines (Tash and Dev are serious #goals!!). What are your favorites?

4. Blogs I love to read?  SomewhereLately , Covering the Bases (low key obsessed with Krista) Glitter Guide , Who What Wear ... more to come in my next post!

5. I'm working on growing my hair out. Ugh, why such a long and annoying process? I've used an entire bottle of this Redken treatment and LOVE it + It smells amazing. (Just found out about the sealer to use with it. Hoping this also helps!) I can tell this line helps A LOT. (not sponsored btw) I got my hair colored not long ago and my roots are already showing like crazy. Any tips for growing long locks?

6. Memorial Day Weekend sales - I don't typically plaster sales all over my blog, so you know when I share a sale, it's a good one. Anytime you can get current styles for less, you should jump on it.

Ann Taylor 50% off full price purchase + an extra 40% off sale

Anthropologie an extra 30% off sale

Preston & Olivia 25% off site wide with code "DIVEIN"

Banana Republic 40% off your purchase

FarFetch up to 50% off

Gap 35% off

J.Crew 30% off your purchase

Nordstrom up to 40% off

Revolve up to 50% off

Sigma Beauty (my favorite brushes and shimmer cream! 20% off site wide

Pottery Barn up to 25% off

Saks designer sale up to 40% off

I hope you all have a fun and safe weekend! 

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