Striped Romper & Oversized Cardigan

Striped Romper & Oversized Cardigan

I'm in love with this romper, just a little pissed I didn't see it in black until I went online to link it for you all... so... I may or may not have ordered it in black ;) I think it's a great staple to have, and super easy to throw on and go. I decided to layer over my open knit, short sleeve cardigan I found the other day. I haven't stopped wearing it since I picked it up! It's perfect if you like a light layer, and not too hot to wear even down here in South FL. I'm not comfortable enough to wear a romper alone, my belly is just not the same after two babies, but I'm working on it.

Yesterday's moving situation was a literal sh*t show. I found horrific reviews of the company we used, all saying the exact same things we are currently dealing with. Everything is supposed to be resolved today, but I'll be back with a big update on monday! Chris researches for a living. It's what he is best at. He can find out anything about anyone or any company. He found out all kinds of sketchy info on these people... like a lot of stuff. It goes way beyond this "moving company" so this might get pretty interesting ;)

Stay tuned!

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