This past weekend was amazing! We went to two of our favorite restaurants and pigged out, relaxed at the beach, and I got to go shopping and get my nails done ALL BY MYSELF. What?!!! YAS. It was surreal. ha ha. If you are a mom, you definitely know what that feels like. Crazy how much I appreciate the quiet and alone time now. I used to hate going to the mall or running errands alone, and now I want nothing more ;) 

I stopped at Sephora and picked up a few beauty products to try out, and I'll be posting my typical reviews on snapchat, but I also want to post what I like or didn't like on here! Have you heard of "baking"? I am SO intrigued!! I love any product or technique that creates a nice glow, and I like to stick with a more natural beauty look, yet I love a good contour! We shall see if I can do it.

I ended up getting the Laura Mercier translucent setting powder, Tarte creaseless concealer, Tata Harper resurfacing mask, and last but not least - Bobbi Brown hydrating eye cream (actually, I snagged that one at Nordstrom!) 

I'm really trying to work at my makeup routine after binge watching these talented ladies on Youtube all last night. I'll be sure to report back with my results! 

Side-note - Can you believe how much color I am gravitating towards lately? (I wore all black to the mall today, though) Neutral preferences aside, I loved this pink and blue outfit I ended up wearing last week. My pale pink tank has just enough detail to wear dressed up or casual with a pair of ripped denim and wedges. You can't tell because it's tucked into my shorts, but the bottom of my tank has a neat shine detail - you can see it better here.

Also, I really appreciate all of your sweet comments about our move, and the fact that you all can tell how much happier I am! We are having so much fun as a family, and I'm finally able to get work done. I'll be working a schedule out for posting so I can be more regular on here again. Please share with me any thoughts you have on what you would like to see! I love having all of you snapchat and email me! You know where to find me :) 


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