Floral Romper

Floral Romper

Another romper... sorry you guys! I had quite a few fellow mamas comment on one of my Instagram posts, and I LOVED what they had to say on this subject! Rompers are great because it's just one piece you have to think about, and you're done. You look put together without all of the work. Rompers are also perfect for mothers, because I can bend over and move around in them without showing anything and I feel much more comfortable playing and taking care of my children wearing something like this rather than a dress. Don't get me wrong, I still love a good dress!

I apologize if I wear something that isn't available for purchase anymore, like my hat in today's post. I don't buy things to wear just once. I always purchase pieces that I know I can style over and over again. Same concept with this cardigan. It would actually be a little embarrassing if I told you how much I have worn it in the past week. You can see my last post styling this cardigan here

I hope you all have a great Monday!!

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