Festival Fringe

Festival Fringe

I have been waiting and waiting to finally wear these shorts. I saw them online and knew they would be perfect. I love the print, and fringe detailing on the bottom. The neutral color scheme makes them easy to pair with multiple top options. I went with a simple black cami, because south FL is HOT! ;) 

I realized I never made a post explaining our move and everything! Let me first start with how stressful and frightening a move is. I'm almost positive I lost my brain somewhere in the beginning of all of this. From the planning, to the packing. You never know just how much shit you own until you move. Let me tell you.. Chris is still in SC packing up the rest of it. Poor thing had to drive a yukon full of stuff down and then turn right back around to drop that car off and pack up his car to drive down again! (Patiently awaiting his return as I type) I'll talk more on everything later, and if you have any questions, you know to reach out anytime! 

Love you all!

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