What Makes You Feel Beautiful?

What Makes You Feel Beautiful?

What makes me feel beautiful? Taking the time each day to pamper my skin. As a mother, it's the little things like being able to wash my face and apply my skin care each morning and night. When my skin is happy, I am always in a better mood, and it makes it that much easier to take on the day.

I was elated to hear bareMinerals reached out with the opportunity to try their new skincare line. If you're a long time reader here, you know by now that I love trying new beauty products. You also know I've used bareMinerals for a very long time (since high school!) and I have continued to love and use their products.

Today, I want to share how I have incorporated bareMinerals new SKINSORIALS line into my everyday beauty routine for the new year. These products have wholeheartedly become my staples. (Which you know if you follow me on snapchat!)

bareMinerals looked to Okinawa, the "Island of long life" to source for their new skin care. Okinawa is a place where being healthy is expected.

 What comes with great health? Beautiful skin! 

Your skin naturally loses minerals as you age. With the new Skinsorials line, your skin is being nourished and replenished with minerals. I've learned three simple steps to help nourish and replenish my skin, jump starting my beauty routine to fight off the anti-aging process.

Step 1. Purify

Morning Routine - I use the Oil Obsessed cleansing oil to wash away my serums and cream from the night before. Sometimes, if I feel my skin needs a little more refreshing, I'll use the Clay Chameleon transforming purifying cleanser, which has a blend of Brazilian Red Clay, Papaya and Bamboo extracts plus mineral-rich sea salts. (Red Clay naturally detoxifies and draws out impurities!) I've even got Chris hooked on this one!

Nighttime Routine - If I am wearing makeup that day, I always cleanse twice. First with the Oil Obsessed total cleansing oil and then with the Pure Plush deep cleansing foam. You will be amazed at how clean your skin feels after using the Pure Plush - like squeaky clean! I love that it deep cleans without drying out my sensitive, dry skin.

Step 2. Empower

After cleansing, I use two pumps of the Skinlongevity Vital PowerInfusion serum. Both morning and night! This product is great for all skin types. Designed for reviving and  maintaining your skin's health, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and infusing radiance. You all know I love anything that gives me a glow, and let me tell you - I glow when using this serum! 

I've noticed a dramatic increase in my skin’s radiance, and my complexion feels so soft and luminous. That's saying something after being up all night nursing and taking care of a newborn, then chasing a toddler all day ;)

Step 3. Moisturize

My favorite part! Did you know that bareMinerals moisturizers contain a moisture technology that helps to enhance your skin's natural moisturizing factor? This means the specific needs for your skin's moisture will be met and maximized! 

I love the Butter Drench restorative cream for day and night. The Bare Haven essential moisturizing soft cream will come in handy for my daytime routine when the weather warms up. Right now, the cold weather really beats my skin up, and even though I spend most of my days at home with the children, the dry air from running the heat drys out my skin as well! If you've got dry skin, Butter Drench will be your new everyday cream, forever. 

I've spent way too much money on expensive skincare, and the proof is plain to see here that great skin care can be affordable. 

I hope you enjoyed todays post with bareMinerals! If you have any questions about any of the product or my routine, please reach out anytime. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Shop the entire SKINSORIALS line below:

In partnership with bareMinerals X Who What Wear.

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