As I sit here typing this to you, in my hot pink Victoria Secret sweats and milk stained tank top, dropping my cous cous in Kai's ear (sorry, buddy!) as he nurses for the 100th time today. I've tried to come up with the right words for my birth story. I just keep falling short. It was a traumatic experience. Blessed are we to have our baby boy with us safe and sound. 

I just want to say a quick "Hello! I am still here!" and thank you all so much for your outpouring love and well wishes. It means so much to have so many of you not only relate to my situation, but to be so patient as I get myself back together. 

Today was the second day since January 4th that I put real clothes on - so, that shit was documented! 

Apologies for any grammatical errors and if this post doesn't make much sense.. still in newborn delirium ;)

Love you guys!

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