Tobacco Suede

Tobacco Suede

Suede Jacket | Pleated midi swing dress  wearing size 4 (only $48!) | Chanel ballet flats, similar style here | Chloe Cross-body | Fendi sunglasses 

It's kind of crazy how much wear I've gotten out of this pleated midi dress. The swing style makes it a perfect option for you wether you are pregnant or not. It's comfortable and hides everything ;) So go ahead and have that italian dinner, look like a million bucks, and stay cozy all at the same time! That's how I think about it anyways... 

We are having unseasonably warm weather one week and then for a few days it drops down super cold again. I don't know about you, but I'm worried about our earth. ha ha! 

I decided for a warmer day we recently had that I should pull out this dress and pair it with my suede jacket. I love the mix of cream and white with a warm tobacco color. 

Well my loves, I'm off to do some squats and walk around the neighborhood - I want this baby here! 


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