Faux Fur Vest

Faux Fur Vest

I can not believe this week is pretty much over. It's friday and It feels like it was just Sunday... If the days keep flying by the way they are, we will have a baby SO soon! I installed the new car seat and switched out all of the baby gear in my car yesterday (while Chris watched from the porch #manly) We now have a double stroller and two car seats in each car. This is getting real guys! It hasn't felt "real" much this pregnancy, but now that all of his tiny little clothes and things are arriving little by little, I am getting excited. For the longest time I have been extremely nervous - now I can't wait to be a family of 4!

On another note, I was so excited when I found this vest. After searching for one that is long and actually warm, without breaking the bank - I stumbled upon this gem. Every faux fur vest I own is either too short and boxy or too "poofy" and doesn't keep me warm at all. I was pleasantly surprised to have this vest keep me nice and warm (and my butt covered- haha why do I love everything that covers my behind?)

Madelyn has decided to take all of the shoes out of my closet and walk around in them, and then drop them all at the front door like a barricade. I should probably go fix this situation before I fall on my ass. Have a wonderful and safe weekend my friends!

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