Wrapped In Neutrals

Wrapped In Neutrals

Outfit Details:

Yeah, I sat down on the sidewalk wearing white pants (oh no she didn't!) - Not only did I survive, but my pants did too! Imagine that ; )

Check my new booties. I am in love! I have spent over a year now deciding if I should splurge on the Acne Studios pair, and decided I should try these at a much more reasonable price point first. If I end up wearing these to death, I'll splurge! So far, these Marc Fisher ones are extremely comfortable and pair perfectly with all of my cooler weather looks. I'm thinking I would love them with denim cut offs... Oh how I long for the days when clothes fit me again! Jan 1st can't come soon enough!

Chris caught me mid bitch fit, and surprisingly I wasn't really mad at the photo we got out of it. haha! (Pregnant and hangry is never a good combination)

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