Military Swing Dress

Military Swing Dress

The farther along I get with this pregnancy, the more uncomfortable I am. Having a serious lack of creativity with what to wear lately.. Skirts are pretty much no longer an option, unless I pull it up over my bump, but are you kidding me? Not comfortable whatsoever. Any pregnant woman wearing an outfit like that (unless its jersey or super stretch material, is lying to you!) So for now, I pretty much opt for dresses and my go-to maternity top paired with denim. I just mix that outfit up each time with a different cardigan, vest, scarf or jacket along with accessories.. of course. 

And if you really know me, then you know I am truly wearing my sweats 99% of the time. Literally wore my floral joggers to run errands the other day. It was kind of amazing. 

When I saw this dress, I knew it would be prefect for everyone. Pregnant or not. Such a flattering fit being a swing style in the back, and hi-low hem. Military inspired clothing is super on trend now, but it's not "trendy" if that makes sense. As in, it's classy and timeless - and super stylish right now!


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