Mom Edit: Breakfast Pancakes

Mom Edit: Breakfast Pancakes

Around here we love anything that is easy, quick, and above all.. healthy! I found this gluten free pancake and waffle mix at the store. I make a nice, big batch of them on the weekends to freeze and pop in the toaster for a yummy and quick breakfast. Maddy loves them with Almond butter spread on top (added protein!) I love mine with nutella, strawberries and bananas. SO GOOD.  I'm actually obsessed with these, and totally guilty of eating them as a snack throughout the day. (pregnancy probs) Just wanted to share a quick idea to make a healthy batch all at one time to prep for the week, then throw in the toaster when needed.

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  Floral Plate | Bowl | Measuring Cups | Dishtowel (my favorite ever. great quality!)

Full Circle Gluten Free Pancake Recipe

Two cups dry mix
Two eggs
Two tablespoons oil (I use coconut oil!)
1/2 cup water

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