Mom Edit : Baby Registry, for First Time Parents

Mom Edit : Baby Registry, for First Time Parents

Today is the first post of the new "Motherhood" series! Every Tuesday I will be sharing tips, tricks, and our life with a toddler (& baby on the way!) I have a few different baby registries planned, and first up - Registry for the first time parents. With 15 months experience as a new mom, I know what worked really great for us, what didn't.. and ultimately was a waste of money (and space!!)

You will absolutely need a humidifier. Don't do what we did and think you won't need one, and then end up running out to the store in the night for one.

A swing changed our lives. No really, it did! Maddy slept in her swing for naps and nighttime for months. We used one that was huge and took up way too much space in our bedroom, and wasn't very easy to move from room to room. This time I am using the 4Moms Mamaroo for sure. You won't need a bouncer and a swing. My experience showed that babies prefer a swing, and unless you bounced the entire pregnancy, baby will much prefer a swinging motion similar to mothers natural movement.

The G3 infant car seat is hands down the best. I love the swivel base, and deep construction. I actually had someone working in the hospital tell me that the deeper the seat, the better! We used the G3 carseat and stroller duo for 12 months until I decided to move her into a convertible carseat. The ease of being able to fold stroller down with just a twist of a handle, and open with one lever was ideal for not only Chris and I both, but really great when I was alone and had nobody there to help! You can check out more on this stroller in my last post here.

The Stokke Crusi is also one of my favorites. Love that is has the compatibility to add a second seat underneath without making the stroller too wide to maneuver. The large shopping basket is also a huge plus. The only negative for us when Madelyn was a newborn, she was too small for the seat and we didn't purchase the bassinet option (totally should have!) but it is definitely a wonderful stroller that I keep in my car now that she is bigger and likes to be up high! We also used the G3 instead of the Crusi in the beginning, because I preferred the G3 carseat and it was not compatible with the Crusi. If you are out and baby is sleeping, you absolutely need a stroller that is compatible with the carseat or life will be hell.

Here's what you won't need right away: Highchair! Wait on it. Seriously, save the room and just wait. We love our Boon Flair, for when the times comes.

I can't give much advice on bottles, and feeding supplies/equipment. I suggest researching the different options and going to a store to look at all the different products. Don't stress. Baby will show you what he/she prefers.. so you will more than likely end up trying a few different things.

Our favorite swaddle blankets are Aden and Anais. From the size to the material, we use ours still as blankets. I also use their hooded bath towels! About a month into motherhood, I found I was up half the night checking to see if my little wiggle worm had her swaddle up around her face (happens more than you think!) and eventually switched to using the Ollie swaddle for nighttime. We tried other swaddles that used velcro, but this was just the best hands down.

Any questions? Shoot me an email anytime! I hope you enjoyed the first post of my new Motherhood series.


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