Mom Edit: Pregnancy Essentials

Mom Edit: Pregnancy Essentials


1. Peppermint tea is great for relaxing your stomach and helps with nausea. I love drinking this with a little bit of honey. 

2. Sea-Bands are great for nausea! I wore these my entire first trimester and now that I am 21 weeks along, I am happy to report I only need them occasionally in the car. 

3. Mustela Stretch Mark cream. Love this stuff. 

4. Honest Company Belly Balm to keep your belly nice and moisturized. 

5. Recently found these tummy drops. Life changing!

6. Vitamins! I used Belly Bar brand chewable vitamins in my first trimester when I couldn't swallow my Rainbow Light ones. I am now using the Rainbow Light again. 


1. Highly suggest a belly band. Especially if you aren't investing in maternity denim (my favorite pair)! I wear my belly band with just about everything.

2. Comfortable sleepwear and loungewear (the drawstring makes these adorable loungers maternity friendly!). A must!

3. At first, I didn't like my Bumpnest pillow, but my neck has now adjusted and I can't imagine sleeping without out it.

4. 'Pregnancy Essentials' Maternity clothing pack is genius. It has all of the garments you will be reaching for in your wardrobe. Save on this set or splurge on this one.. Either way, this is something that will change your life and make getting dressed a lot easier.


'The Happiest Baby on the block' was my favorite book I read when I was pregnant with Madelyn. 


  1. Which supplements and minerals do you think are worth trying? I like using Canadian Pharmacy a lot, and I think it is a really good and trusted one which you will find really interesting too. Have a look there and good luck :)


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