Embroidered Swing Dress : Halfway Pregnancy Update

Embroidered Swing Dress : Halfway Pregnancy Update

Madelyn was going nuts over her reflection in this window. Kissing herself and everything! haha!

[20 weeks pregnant. Officially halfway!!!] 

I wore this embroidered, swing dress and leopard bootie situation over the weekend for an evening out with my little family. Totally into anything and everything that is loose and flowy. It's honestly the best feeling in the world being able to get out of the house again and have my severe "all day morning sickness" behind me. Wearing motion sickness bands that look like sweat bands in public was life changing for me. So embarrassing. I finally have most of my energy back, and I'm feeling less like a lazy mess. For about twelve weeks, my days pretty much ran into each other and it always felt like I was in some sort of bad dream/haze that I couldn't wake from. An interesting experience feeling so sick, sad, and emotional all at once.

Halfway Pregnancy Update: 
Now that I am officially halfway through this pregnancy, I feel like our baby BOY (Incase you didn't see my announcement on Instagram) will be here before you know it. The first trimester was awful and dragged on, and now I feel like my days are over as soon as they start. Baby kicks are all of a sudden super strong. If I put my hand on my belly, I can feel him move across and hit my hand. I remember this being one of my favorite parts when I was pregnant with Madelyn. Except towards the end when I could see her foot stick out, that was a little weird + crazy ticklish! 

We went for an ultrasound on Tuesday, and it was so adorable how Chris perked up as soon as we found out we are having a boy. The whole car ride home consisted of brainstorming baby names. Baby boy is perfectly healthy and weighing 11 ounces. So far I have gained ten pounds, yet I already feel like a whale. Not sure how that works. Sleeping is going MUCH better now that I am not sick, and I am finally able to shut my brain off and nap when Madelyn naps. Maybe out of pure exhaustion. I think the last thing on my update list is that I'm experiencing Round Ligament Pain, but I also have a large amount of scar tissue from my abdominal surgery (the many joys of Cronhs Disease) so my doctor is thinking that has a lot to do with the pain. 

Other than that discomfort, everything is finally feeling perfect!

On Thursdays I will share either a look from the weekend that was not shared on Mondays' "Weekend Style" post, or a look that I managed from the current week. Another exciting piece of new content coming to the blog are my plans to incorporate a post each week, or bi-weekly where I will re-style a garment I have recently worn. Wether it's styling an old piece with current items, or a dress like the one I am wearing in today's post styled for Fall. I have quite a bit of e-mails from readers asking for advice on this, so I thought it would be really fun to bring it to the blog!

While I'm on the topic of sharing new blog content plans, Wednesdays will now have a bi-weekly post on beauty/health. Yes, I will finally share my hair and makeup tutorials! If there is anything else you would like to see or want to suggest, you can shoot me an email. I always love receiving mail from you guys! (It's pretty much my favorite)  

- You can shop my outfit details and the beauty products I used in this look below - 

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