Button-down Tunic : Casual Family Night

Button-down Tunic : Casual Family Night

Market Common is our favorite place to go as a family. We like to head over for dinner, take Maddy to the park, stroll down to Anthropologie (Chris usually takes Maddy into Barnes and Noble so I can browse alone) then grab Coldstone ice cream before heading home. 

I'm in the process of curating my closet for fall. We had a few really nice days, and quite frankly i'm over summer.. along with summer style. I picked up this dress the other day after doing a double-take walking into Anthropologie. (That happens a lot. I've got quite the obsession with that store!) I tried it on with a vest, denim jacket, and a crew neck sweater knotted up on the side.. It even doubles as an open tunic paired with denim. Stoked I'll be wearing this right into the start of cooler weather. 

I hate to wish away the days, but I'm sure I can't be the only one doing the same. Bring on the change of season! 

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