Sunflower Fields | Baby Announcement

Sunflower Fields | Baby Announcement

Since moving here, we have wanted to take photos in the sunflower fields, and ended up missing them every time right before they died. Last night we finally decided to head out to the farm. It was so fun watching Maddy laugh and squeal at all of the animals. She is obsessed with birds and nature! If it wasn't so hot and I wasn't so sick we would have stayed out there all evening. [Chris actually grew up going to this farm since he was a little boy, so he knew how to really show us around. You might have seen us on snapchat taking a ride through all of the trails and fields.]

This dress is perfection. I have been on the hunt for maternity clothes... and they are all so ugly!! When I saw this dress I knew it would be prefect for someone pregnant or not. I put an oversized sweater over it with my booties and was instantly excited for cooler weather. For now, I'll wear it to beat this heat!

That face!!! I love it! She had a blast playing in the sand. Sometimes you just have to get a little dirty! 

SO sorry for the photo overload today. Making up for loss time I guess ;)

Finally! I'm blogging again! I feel like I haven't done anything remotely productive in so long. Almost a week ago we announced that baby number two will be here January! My due date is actually January 1st, so we will see if he/she comes early or right on time like Madelyn did. 

This pregnancy is totally different than my first. I was a little sick in my first trimester with Maddy, but this one.. woah! I have been SO SO incredibly sick. Yesterday I actually threw up on a sunflower! haha. Anything that smells sweet or too strong will knock me out in a second. I was at Target the other day and a lady was wearing entirely too much perfume to be out in the world. My eyes went black and I almost fainted right there in the bread aisle. So embarrassing! 

I'm ready to get over this and be able to enjoy this pregnancy. Hoping sooner rather than later ;) 

Anthropologie is having 20% off full priced bedding for a limited time! I am so in love with our Georgina duvet that I never want to get out of bed. I know the bedding is typically on the higher price range, so now is the time to snag the items you have wanted! I picked up this super cozy quilt, and I've been wrapped up like a mummy in it on the couch ever since. haha! 

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