Summer Caftan: Maternity Style

Summer Caftan: Maternity Style

 I like to stick with more loose fitting, and "shapeless" garments. Anything that flows nicely, and could potentially accentuate the bump. I know I'll wear the heck out of this caftan dress now and post-baby.

I'm saying "Bitch what?" to Chris in this photo. haha!

I think my biggest piece of advice for the fellow pregnant ladies out there- Don't overthink it. I loathe the maternity section of any store. I absolutely will not enter. With the exception of making one maternity purchase this time- denim skinny jeans. Only because I will be pregnant during the cooler months and will want to wear pants without ruining my nice denim. I sadly stretched out a few pairs  when I was pregnant with Madelyn, and they never really went back to their pre-pregnancy state.

So... I bit the bullet on this one. I ended up ordering this pair of denim. Super impressed so far. Other than that, I don't want to spend my money on something I will never be able to wear again. If I feel horrid, I hope to God I can dress my self the opposite!

That has also been my biggest thing as a mother. I get it. It's tough to get ready and dressed with kids. I still wear lounge and sleepwear 99% of the time, and I'm not mad at it one bit. But guess what? The couple times I actually do get a chance to feel normal and human, your damn right I try to express my personal style to the best of my ability. It helps me a lot to feel like my old self again. Even just for a day. That's all I need.

Typically, that day is Thursday for me. Chris has off work, and we usually head out of the house as a family and do something fun or just run errands. It's nice. Having time just the three of us.

I've also noticed since becoming pregnant this second time, that I am much more inspired. Inspired by motherhood. I suppose what I'm trying to say without sounding like a total ass, is that I never wanted to become a "mommy blogger". (I hope everyone that reads this understands I mean no disrespect to any mom blogger out there. This is not meant to come off as a negative thing!) I always tried to keep my blog the same as it had started and incorporate my daughter only on occasion, but life happens and things change. Changed for the better!

I just feel like this might be more of my "calling". I'm enjoying blogging more now. Enjoying everything about life (besides vomiting and falling asleep sniffing a lemon wedge) even far away from family and friends. Life here isn't so miserable like it once felt.

I'm stoked I get to share my life with all of you, and I'm excited for the future.

Have a great weekend. XO!

Ps: I'm wearing "boob petals" instead of a bra with this dress. Super freeing and thrilling. ha!

On Maddy- Crew & Lu Romper | Lotteline headband I just recently purchased these, and I'm obsessed. I prefer a dainty bow/headband over something that will cover the entire child ha! Super soft and stretchy- Maddy hates headbands, but doesn't mind these at all! (Just my two cents ;)

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