Pink and Blue

Pink and Blue

I love how easy a dress is to just throw on and go during these hot summer months. I know.. I can't stop wearing/buying them, but they are just too good right now. The weather was absolutely beautiful when we stopped at Market Common to walk around and take these photos, and then the wind picked up and a huge storm started rolling in. (Hence the lack of photos, sorry!)

I was totally into the whole color situation with this look, and decided to throw on my pink Chloe flats. Sandals, and wedges are equally as cute with this dress too. I just really liked feeling colorful for once. ha ha!

Clearly, there was no way I was not including this cute ass photo of my nugget with my new handbag. By the looks of it, she loves it too! 

Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you have a wonderful week! 

Maxi Dress | Chloe Flats | Celine handbag | Fendi Sunglasses

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