Broken in boyfriends

Broken in boyfriends

After waiting about three years, I finally got my hands on the Charlotte Olympia kitten flats. I have saved, coveted, and lusted over them forever... So, I finally grew a pair and purchased them. I regret nothing. 

In other news, Nasty Gal posted a photo of Taylor Swift from the BBMA's stating she was wearing their "Frisco Inferno" jumpsuit, when in fact she was quite obviously wearing Balmain... How do you get that mixed up? Please tell me i'm not the only one who saw this post seconds after it was posted (Instagram addict, excuse me) 

Do you feel Nasty Gal intentionally did this? Hell yes they did! The Balmain lookalike jumpsuit is now sold out and not even shown on the Nasty Gal site. Hmmm.. - but fret not, they have the jumpsuit in black, and in stock in all sizes.
- This was either some damn good marketing, or a mixup. You decide. 

I apologize for my absence.. I feel like I've said that a time or two before ;) I'm currently in the process of creating a lot of new content and a bit of a change for LBB. Stay tuned!


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