Zella Activewear

Zella Activewear

Wearing activewear has quickly become a "chic" way of running errands, or just living life day to day.  Whether you are truly exercising or just a mom like me, who wants to be comfortable but can't go out in public in my pajamas like I really want to, stylish activewear is the way to go.  

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of people that have been on that activewear game way before it became trendy, but this is more of a style/lifestyle rather than a trend. 

When I finally get a moment to exercise, it's 99% of the time going for a walk with Maddy.  
I have really bad knees and joints, so I can't run, but I love going for long walks to get some fresh air and inspiration.  Did you know that going for a walk will increase your creativity?  I find myself walking in the door with so many ideas that I have to quickly write them down before I forget! (Memory loss at a fairly young age is no fun.) 

Zella activewear is a new brand to me.  I saw the huge display when I was visiting in FL (because I genuinely live at Nordstrom) and immediately had to try on these leggings!  It was actually kind of creepy that I got the collaboration email two days after finding Zella and purchasing these leggings. Funny how the universe works...

I guarantee you won't be disappointed with the quality, but most importantly the style. 
I have searched forever for activewear that I can actually fit into and not look weird or out of place. Zella is totally a win in my book! 

Zella 'Stamina' Jacket
Zella 'Live in' Leggings
Zella Sports Bra 
Nike sneakers (sold out) Similar style here 

Special thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. All styling, writing, thoughts, and opinions are always my own. 

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