Baby Gear Favorites with Nordstrom

Baby Gear Favorites with Nordstrom

First things first . . .  I know a lot about strollers and baby gear.  We have three strollers (insane), two high chairs, two bouncers, three car seats, and countless other items. (Currently in the process of finding families in need to give our barely-used products to!)  We don't have a garage, so the guest room is piled high! (God, I can't wait to move!) 

I was actually in Nordstrom not too long ago, pushing Maddy around in this stroller (pictured above) and a woman stopped me to ask if Nordstrom carried a certain stroller. Well, that took us into a 15-minute or more conversation, with me explaining all of the pros and cons of strollers and car seats.  We ended up having 4 different sales associates crowded around just to listen.

Basically, I know my shit when it comes to baby gear.  Haha. 

I use the Orbit Baby G3 stroller + car seat daily.  It is by far the easiest and most convenient for us.
I keep the stroller seat in the trunk for when Maddy is awake while running errands; and when she falls asleep in her car seat (which is what I always wish and hope for), I just pick it right up off the car seat base and set it onto the stroller! 

Don't get me wrong, I still love Stokke.  I probably always will.  And I will be depressed when Maddy is too big for strollers, because I'm a weirdo. 

Anyways, for on the go, when you need to be quick, Orbit baby products are just better. My Stokke strollers require too many parts to put together; and, in my own opinion, the Orbit Baby G3 car seat is the safest one on the market.  This thing looks like a bomb shelter

More features I am obsessed with:

Two cup holders already attached in the design of stroller. (I LOATHE excess parts that could possibly get lost. I lose everything, basically)
Huge basket to hold all of my and Maddy's belongings. (We have a lot of shit.)
Assembly and disassembly is crazy easy.  Pull one latch, and it pops open; twist the metal bar, and it closes shut, and you are on your merry way!
Adjustable handles!  Chris is super tall, so this comes in handy when he is around.
I am a bag lady, and if I can't hang my bags on the handles, I'm done with it.  The handle design on the G3 is perfect for that.
The seat turns 360. Yes, so Maddy can sit facing sideways, front or back.  She likes sideways the best!
This makes it a million times easier when putting her into the car!  (The car seat also does this on the base!)
The sunshade is unbelievable.  Maddy has crazy sensitive eyes in sunlight!

Everywhere we go, people tell us how cool it is ;)

I hope this long post didn't bore you too much!  Thank you so much for stopping by!

Orbit Baby Products here
G3 Stroller
G3 Infant Car Seat
Car Seat Base
Cargo Basket

My outfit -
Chloe Flats (Butter soft & comfy!)
Chloe cross body bag // I use this to carry my phone, personal items and wallet on me at all times, everything else is in diaper bag!
Marc By Marc Jacobs Diaper Bag // The best! It doesn't look like a diaper bag, so I will be able to use this forever.
Fendi Sunglasses

Maddy -
Walker Sandals

Special thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. All styling, writing, thoughts, and opinions are always my own. 

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