Scallop Lace

Scallop Lace

Currently sipping a hot cup of caffeine. Maddy sleeps like an angel here, and all of a sudden I am an insomniac regardless of how tired I am. I also think my back may or may not be broken. Since arriving, Madelyn has decided to be even more of a "hip child". . . basically, she is my third leg.  From the looks of me, you probably couldn't imagine that my thin frame could pick up a 20+ pound chub all.day.long.  But, as mothers, we somehow survive.  I think when you become a mother, you also receive this super human strength/power. 

Anyways. . . Maddy and I went for brunch at the coolest spot yesterday with an old friend. She was actually my best friend when Chris and I lived here. It's crazy how quickly life changes, and how fast the time goes by.  It felt as if we were hanging out just yesterday, so that was nice. (I got the avocado toast, in case you were JUST DYING to know ;) 

[ I had to hold on to my hat real tight for these photos. I wasn't about to let that bitch blow away like my last episode with a new hat. ]

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