Classic & Printed

Classic & Printed

As if I'm really keeping track of which day it is . . . Happy Monday to you all!

 Madelyn is keeping me busier than ever.  She is literally all over the place, and I'm pretty sure I haven't brushed my teeth in two days.  On a brighter note, she is FINALLY starting to eat a little bit.
I keep praying she will leave my boobies alone SOON!  Haha.

She is actually sitting in her high chair right now, spitting everything we give her out and up in the air, while pretending to gag.  DRAMA.  Chris and I are in for it with this kid. 

Over the weekend we went to the mall to run errands, and I could not believe the amount of people (mostly older) that came up to us to see Maddy.  These people would yell from across the mall to get our attention and then stop us just to see her.  I was told I absolutely had to have more kids.  This lady was creepy serious . . . and nuts.  One woman kissed her feet.  Another tried to play peek a boo with her, and she was NOT impressed. Another came up to me as I was nursing her and started PETTING HER HEAD.
What the hell?  I just have to say this:  Madelyn is my child, and I think she's adorable, but I didn't think she was that adorable. Haha. 

Equipment is having their friends and family sale. Today is the last day to get 25% off your entire purchase! This is kind of amazing, because Equipment is expensive, but totally worth every penny.  I highly recommend investing in one of their classic tops, one you will wear forever, like the top I am wearing in today's post.
 I will be able to pair this blouse with everything . . . forever!

Photography by Omare Haynes 

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