Holiday Gift Guide For the Beauty Queen

Holiday Gift Guide For the Beauty Queen

Beauty products are one of my favorite gifts to receive!  
What girl doesn't love a new nail polish, lip color, fragrance, or new makeup palette to play with?!  
There are tons of products out there, so I wanted to share some of my favorites. 

If you know someone that wears perfumes and fragrances, Tocca is a great option, and there is a perfect three-piece set available!  Tocca perfumes are very clean and elegant.  This set would also be a great stocking stuffer!  I also really love anything Jo Malone, and this set would be great for any gal. 

Next, I've always been a sucker for a "pouch" of any sort, whether it be a cosmetic case or coin purse. 
No, really. . . I have pouches everywhere and, also, for organization inside my purses. 
I found this Rebecca Minkoff cosmetic case, and it's super cute!  I also love this Tory Burch one! 

 Essie nail polish will always be a go-to for me, and they have some really pretty, festive red polishes. 

If you know a gal who loves scents (and which gal doesn't?), a set of these Voluspa candles is also another great option.  It doesn't hurt that the jars are cute decor. 

Now, if you haven't heard of the Clarisonic Mia tools, you are missing out.  If you wear makeup on a daily basis, you will fall in love with this product.  The Clarisonic Mia 3 Makeup Removal Expert deep cleans and cleanses the skin for noticeably smoother and more radiant skin.  I use mine every night! 

Last, but not least, lip products!  I am obsessed with lipstick, Chapstick, lip balm, lip gloss. . . whatever it is, I love it all!  The Dior Addict Lipglow is such a fun product to have and would be super cool to receive!  It responds to the color chemistry of your lips to give you a unique shade. . . Yeah, that's a real thing ;) 
Another great option would be the YSL Kiss & Blush, which can be used as a lip color AND blush! 

I will link more products that I love (and love to give) below! 

Happy Holidays! 

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