Happy Monday! Writing this post from my home here in South Carolina. We got in this past weekend, and as much as I love being with my "stuff" again, and being organized ... I miss the heck out of my family!

Maddy talked to Grammy this morning on FaceTime, and it was the cutest thing ever. She is such a smart girl for only 6 months old.  She does this thing where she will grunt and straighten out her arms and legs; and if I do it back to her, she will keep going back and forth.  It's pretty hilarious.   It's also funny how whenever we go out in public, everyone that asks how old she is will go, "Ohhhh, she's big!"  Haha!  I love that fatty! 

Anyway, this ILY Couture sweatshirt has been on repeat.  I mean everyday repeat.  SO cozy and chic! 

Exciting News of the Day:
  I have teamed up with some pretty fantastic bloggers to give away a $400 gift card to Nordstrom.
 Yes, you read that right!  $400!  Enter below, tell your friends, and good luck!

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