Cardi Weather

Cardi Weather

You guys, I can't stop buying long cardigans. It's not quite as bad as my hat addiction, but it's getting up there.  My everyday ensemble is a variation of v-necks, skinnies, booties and a long cardigan. I like feeling chic without all of the work and excess "fluff". Especially as a mother, I constantly feel the need to be comfortable. Who am I kidding, I've always had that need, but who doesn't? 

In other news, these photos were taken a few days prior to getting my hair chopped incase you were like wtf? I took the plunge and chopped my hair! If you follow me on Instagram I posted a photo reenacting Lauren Conrad, where I obviously got inspiration for the cut. This is definitely what I have needed all along. I feel sassy again, thank God right? 

I mean... we could be sisters, right? 

Photography by the amazing Anna Howard Studios 

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