Cable Knit

Cable Knit

Today's post is coming to you from Georgia!
I'm still here with Madelyn, visiting and spending time with my family. 

We are experiencing our first cold weather and loving it.  This is my absolute favorite season.
I've always enjoyed layering (obviously) and the Holidays.  I'm one of those crazy people that put their Christmas tree up after Halloween.

Now let me talk about my outfit.  This black scuba skirt is perfection.  I will be wearing it with cozy tights when the temps drop a bit lower, but for now it was fine with boot socks and my Hunters.

Check back in tomorrow to see how I style this outfit in a completely different way! 

I was also super lucky to be able to shoot and collaborate with Anna of Anna Howard Studios for my blog posts this week!  Her photography is amazing!  I took forever deciding on which photos to use today, because I loved them all!  Anna has impeccable style and taste!  I think I hugged her about ten times during our shoot . . .  because she's just so darn cute.  Seriously, I'm a creep.  I know. 

If you're in the Atlanta area, be sure to give Anna a jingle for a photo session!  I'm craving a family photo shoot with Christopher and Maddy, after looking at her portfolio

I hope you all have a fabulous start to your week.  Thanks for stopping by! 


PS By the way: Piperlime is having 25% off ALL shoes until 11/4!

Photography by: Anna Howard Studios 

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