Dressed Up Denim

Dressed Up Denim

How awful is it that my little brother, Dallas, came in to town, and it POURED the whole time?!   I felt so bad, but we still had fun catching up and playing with Maddy.  I wanted to show you all a little slice of my family, so Dallas was a good sport and let me take a few photos of him for the blog.  He has a great sense of style for a guy, plus he's pretty cute.  Am I right, or am I right?! 

I wore this look out to dinner this past weekend and felt super confident in it!  In my opinion, if you can dress up a pair of denim, so that you are not only comfortable but chic, you're doing it right. 

This was, also, my very first attempt at wearing a pair of heels with Maddy around.  (These Sole Society wedges are SO comfy!)  It was definitely a success, and that's saying a lot -- coming from the awkward, "Jack In The Beanstalk"- looking girl in heels.  My family's reaction when I attempt to wear heels out of the house goes a little something like, "Oh, gawd, she's trying it again!" 
HA. HA.  Real funny, guys!

Anyway, I hope you all are having a great start to your week.  Thanks for stopping by! 

What he's wearing

Shirt | DenimShoes |

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