Not So Charming Charleston

Not So Charming Charleston

I wasn't planning on a post today, but we just got home from a little day trip to Charleston, and I had such a crappy day that I felt like I needed to blog and get it all out. It rained the entire time, and I mean it POURED cats and dogs. Madelyn is in a new stage where she will absolutely not take a nap unless we are at home and she is swaddled. This girl doesn't like to stray away from her routine.  After an hour and a half drive into Charleston with a crying nugget and rain, I was already exhausted, but we knew that we had to at least try and have somewhat of a nice time. My younger brother, Dallas is in town and we wanted to show him a good time. Poor thing. I think he may be slightly traumatized. ha ha.

LBB's life is not always rainbows and butterflies, y'all. 

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