How To Shop LBB's Instagram

How To Shop LBB's Instagram

Okay, guys, I wanted to shed some light on the whole LIKETK.IT process, for those of you who aren't familiar.  If you are an avid Instagram user, I'm sure you've come across photos with links similar to this one @liketkit #liketkit www.liketk.it/9uIg and maybe you've wondered what it was or just plain flat out don't understand what it is.  It's actually a pretty fantastic system. 

Step 1.  Register your e-mail one time on the www.liketoknow.it website
Step 2.  Like instagrams that include the www.liketk.it/9ulg links
Step 3.  Open your e-mail to receive ready-to-shop product links 

You have the option to receive the e-mails hourly, daily or weekly, based upon your preferences! 

Now, some of you may still not understand why we bloggers use this platform.  Let me explain to you why I use it.  Instead of asking and waiting for product info, sometimes with no reply (Hey, bloggers are busy people, too.  I totally get it!) all I have to do is "like" an Instagram photo with a liketk.it link and head to my www.liketoknow.it account to find the products from each photo that I "liked".  No more searching.  No more waiting for responses or e-mails (Unless you're an e-mail kind of a gal, then head there!)   We want to make it easy for you!

How awesome is that?

Have a beautiful day!

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