DIY Floral Monogram

DIY Floral Monogram

The nursery is finally coming together! I can't wait to have it all finished with photos of the final product! I think every mama can agree the best part of having a baby and getting everything ready is decorating the nursery. I'm actually quite proud of my "zero crafty" self completing a few DIY projects for her room. It makes everything that much more special! I will also have the crib mobile DIY up on the blog next. 

Exciting news for Little Blonde Book! 
I have a new "Baby" page on the blog for all of our fun projects and of course a little baby style!
I launched @thelittlebabybook on Instagram , be sure to follow along.

Do any of you mamas have DIY suggestions for baby? 

What you'll need:

-Hot glue gun
-Wooden Wall Letter - Found mine at Michaels for $3.99
-Assorted Flowers - Found mine at Michaels


Cut the stems off of the flowers.
If you bought a few flowers that are too big for the letter (like I did) you can trim the petals a little to make it "flow" better.
I highly suggest you arrange the flowers how you will want them on the letter BEFORE hot glueing anything down ;)
You will want to glue the flowers close to each other. I overlapped a few flowers to make it more gathered.
You have the option of covering the entire letter with flowers, but you will need a pretty big letter. keep that in mind!

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