I know I haven't posted much on beauty here in a while, but I have recently discovered an amazing skin care line… I'm hooked! 

Let me introduce my new obsession, California Naturel. I love anything and everything that is all natural. One too many products these days have crazy amounts of chemicals that actually harm your skin. I have sensitive skin, and now with my pregnancy my skin has not reacted very well to my usual skin care regime. I wanted to make sure to try out this product for a good little bit before I reviewed. The amount in the bottles are perfect, and I can tell this will last me a good while. (I hate it when I use a product that runs through too quickly) 

California Naturel has made my skin irritation from pregnancy completely vanish and has replenished the "life" back into my face! I have never had acne prone skin, but of course the occasional breakout here and there. I can't tell you the last time I freaked out from a breakout! My skin is super clean and without all of the harsh chemicals, I feel that's what has made my skin go back to its "natural" state. Free from ever "needing" acne treatment products. 

I have also battled with super dry skin since the start of my pregnancy, and even before. The Nourishing Cream has made a HUGE difference! All you need is a pump of this magic, and you won't need anymore of those silly moisturizing face masks.. that never really helped me. Chris touches my face all the time, and tells me how crazy smooth it is! A blessing and a curse I suppose ;)  

The gentle cleanser removes my make up entirely and leaves my skin smooth, soft and refreshed opposed to dry and irritated from scrubbing off my make up from the day with my old remover! 

I don't want to make this post a novel, but I can't get over how great these products truly are. I am definitely a lifetime user of California Naturel now!  

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