Easy Lemonade Refresher

Easy Lemonade Refresher

As of late, I have loved trying out different lemonade recipes to have a big pitcher in the fridge ready for me to pour a drink at any time. Rather than making something on the spot. Now that I am in my third trimester my exhaustion is back and lets just say it's not as easy being productive! 

So, today I wanted to share with you an easy recipe that has really stuck with me, and will be a perfect refresher for those warm summer nights or your outside parties! Lets be honest, not all of us have time in our hectic lives to create a fabulous recipe completely from scratch! I think this recipe really does the trick, and can be easily tweaked to your taste preference. I love adding fresh pineapple juice as well!

1 Cup ice 
1 bottle sparkling water (Ginger Ale is tasty too!)
1 bottle Simply Lemonade (Raspberry or original)
1 lemon sliced 

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