Leopard Lovin'

Leopard Lovin'

Top:C/0 Shop RiffRaff | Blazer:LF stores Similar| Denim:AG | Booties:C/0 Shop RiffRaff | Necklace:St. Eve Jewelry | Vintage Ring:C/0 Arrow Harte | Hat:Target | Bag:Marc By Marc Jacobs 

Happy Tuesday, you beautiful people!  Today, we are expecting SNOW!  Super bizarre to see snow falling on the beach! Also, I apologize for being MIA on the blog. As of late this mama has been exhausted!  We won't even talk about how my growing belly and I did 5 loads of laundry yesterday.  That's right… 5.  Poor Christopher.  I just don't understand where he gets these habits from, but I have definitely met my match.  I'm saying this because my clothes added up to only one small load, and in my younger years.. this was not the case.  My poor mother was bombarded with insane amounts of clothing due to my constant "need" to change outfits, multiple times throughout my days. ha ha. Karma, I suppose :)  

I was fortunate to grow up with such a large, warm, loving and extremely close family.  I am REALLY missing them lately.. as if I don't every day!  It sure would be nice to have my momma around for some extra help with things around the house.  It's certainly not easy living with a mini version of myself from high school ;)  You know I love you Christopher! 

I also have a bump update for you guys today!  Baby girl is 25 weeks and kicking me like crazy.  It's funny how my bump finally "popped".  Took long enough!  You can definitely tell from the side, but not so much from the front unless I am wearing a tighter top… which is not a normal choice of mine even before baby girl came along!  Ahh I can't wait to be a mama!  We are so excited to meet our little girl!

Last but certainly not least,  I have to tell you all about my not-so-secret love for Shop RiffRaff, a go-to online boutique for me.  I just wish I lived closer to the store!  I follow these ladies on IG, and they have so much fun!  RiffRaff always has the latest trends and styles, not to mention the best, comfy sweaters and where I found these AHH-MAZE BALLS Ascot Friday X Matisse booties.  See, I told you RiffRaff was always on point! 

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