Winter Whites In A Different Light

Winter Whites In A Different Light

Sweater:Old Navy | Blouse:American Apparel(Old) | Skirt:Forever 21(Old) | Coat:Kohls | Flats:Zara | Necklaces:J.Crew & ℅ Armed & Readi | Handbag:Kate Spade | Sunnies:Prada | Lip:MAC Rebel

Please for the sake of my sanity, ignore the awful mess of a hair-do I have going on.  I mean, what is actually going on here? The weather was not my friend today ha ha.. BUT that's me, I'm not perfect, and apparently my hair isn't either! 

Today I have another fun collab with the always lovely Grace of Gracefullee Made to show you how we style our winter whites!  I'm sure you've seen this fab woman before, but if you have yet to check out her blog, you need to do so ASAP.

When I think of winter white, I can picture many different outfit combinations in my head.  From a white chunky sweater paired with my white AG distressed denim skinnies, and my white converse, to an outfit similar to my Haute Holiday  post.  It is safe to say white is not frowned upon after labor day anymore. 

Today I wanted to incorporate a little color and balance into my winter whites!  PS: How MAJ are these Zara ballerina flats?  I know, I know!  I hope you all have a fabulous start to your weekend. Thank you for stopping by!  

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