Phillip Lim Lust...

Phillip Lim Lust...

I spent my Sunday afternoon enjoying a pleasant trip to my local Target.  Yes, italics were necessary because I am "one of those" that pronounces it that way.  I had already been stalking the mayhem online.  These bags were going for three times the price on Ebay! Naturally, I was preparing myself for a let down.

I heard "Ahhhhh" from the Heavens above, as I walked in and saw a beautiful Phillip Lim display, NOT EVEN TOUCHED.   I swear, girls were looking at me like I was an insane person as I ran over to get my mini!  Of course, I am still lusting over the 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli, but this new baby shall do for the time being! 

Now, please don't take me for a materialistic girl.  I saw a post that actually hurt my feelings... for a second.  The post was bashing the Phillip Lim bags and the girls that are "designer obsessed." Honestly?  I love designer things because I not only APPRECIATE the designers, I ADMIRE them.  They are so incredibly talented and unique individuals.  Can you say that you know how to completely design and put together a garment and/or accessory such as a handbag?  I know I can't.  NEWSFLASH: Nobody likes a "Negative Nancy!"

Now, on to a brighter side of my topic.  I styled my new Phillip Lim for Target with my Sam Edelman petty booties and denim cut-offs, which has been my go-to outfit lately due to this heat that WON'T GO AWAY.  I highly suggest the petty booties.   I wear mine with everything!  I felt my booties paired with denim cutoffs and a loose blouse was a perfect way to transition from summer to Fall.  I am much more modest than I look from this outfit.  When I go into a restaurant or a more public area, I pair this look with a blazer to cover up my rear a little!  :)

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Top | Ann Taylor
Blazer | BCBGeneration
Denim cut-offs | Urban Outfitters  | Here
Booties | Sam Edelman | Here
Purse | Phillip Lim for Target
Watch | Michael Kors | Here

Photographed By : Chris Cassidy

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