Camo Chic…

Camo Chic…

It seems to me that just about every fashionista has this fab sweater from Forever 21!  Let me just tell you I am not mad at that AT ALL. I love seeing women style garments in different ways.  To me, that's one of the greatest aspects of the fashion realm.  

I wear this sweater with everything, and by everything I mean EVERYTHING. Today I chose my camo skinnies.  Honest moment, I never thought I would be wearing camo.   My boyfriend made me wear a camo shirt one time while dove hunting.  I know....... SCARY!  Never did I think camo would be fashionable, but it is, and it is quite Tres Chic, if you will.

I have been so sick lately, my apologies with the late posting.  It really is a beautiful thing to open my laptop and see so many of you commenting the kindest things!  I know I'll be better in no time :) 

Photographed by: Chris Cassidy

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